Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I've found the perfect TV accompaniment for knitting lace. Any VH1 show like Driven, Where Are They Now? or I Love the '70s provide excellent background noise while I concentrate on the intricacies of lace knitting. But I still end up absorbing a lot of this pop culture stuff by osmosis. For instance, did you know that Beyonce's first name is actually her mother's maiden name? Or that Kid Rock's girlfriend tried to pass off another guy's baby onto Kid as his? Neither did I. Do you care? I thought not.

Here's the progress thus far on the newly dubbed VH1 Shawl (formerly the Marks & Katten Mohair Shawl):

Just picked up the cutest flip-flops to keep in my car to wear post-pedicure. I can't walk in the flimsy disposable ones they give you at the salon, so I got these little beauties. I'm such a girly-girl, sometimes. My flip-flops have to have sequins on them, natch. But I can rebuild a toilet with the best of them, so don't be dissin' me 'bout my bling-bling, 'kay?

Look at the sandals, not the chipped toenail polish!

Gotta go -- me 'n RockStar are watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy at 7pm. We're hooked on Carson's one-liners. Our faves so far: "You're working my last gay nerve!" and "I'm gonna need a Ritalin milkshake to deal with this!" Of course, I will be conscientiously knitting on the Homespun Hoodie under RockStar's watchful gaze.

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