Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Labor Day weekend was rather underwhelming. DH and his brother were back in Ohio for the weekend, visiting a close family friend who's getting on in years. RockStar and I rattled around the house, rented movies and video games, and generally ate too much. DH comes home tonight. RockStar and I are glad; we missed him terribly.

RockStar celebrated his 15th birthday yesterday … I took him to dinner at Ruby's, his favorite eatery. He indulged in endless vanilla Cokes, had a huge Ruby Burger, and was even a good sport when the staff came out and sang a very loud Happy Birthday and stuck a paper Ruby's cap on his head. I think that getting a free ice cream sundae made it bearable.

I've Got a Bad Feeling About This
Got the sleeves and body of Aran Go Round united …

… and started the cabling around the yoke. Right away on Row 2, things aren't matching up. Ripped out and reknit the first 2 rows three times, with the same funky result each time. I'm gonna try it one more time, and if it doesn't work, I'm firing off an email to Janet Szabo and see if she can get me steered in the right direction.

UPDATE 2:00pm: The above paragraph was written earlier this morning. I've since discovered there's a typo in the Row 2 instructions. I knit Row 2 as it should be, then picked up the instructions starting with Row 3. Everything is matching up. Whew! I'll email Janet later and let her know what I found.

A Brush with Fame
Fairy tales can come true,
It can happen to you,
If you're young at heart.
Frank Sinatra

Remember RockStar's quest to meet Rob Halford, lead singer of Judas Priest? Well, he didn't get to meet him, but he got the next best thing … his '82 Judas Priest tour jacket and 3 CDs were signed personally by Mr. Halford last Thursday. Josh, the affable, tongue-pierced clerk at Borders, kept RockStar's stuff in safekeeping until Mr. Halford dropped by on his next visit. Apparently, Mr. Halford has a looong memory and knows virtually everyone in the world of rock. He had Josh and the other Borders staffers enthralled with stories that began with, "I was sitting around one night and Ozzy called me up …" Now I need to wait for the next Michaels' 40% off coupon to get the jacket framed. I'll close with a picture of RockStar modeling his prize:

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