Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Left, Right, Left, Right, March!
Make about 2" progress on the left & right front of the Aran Cardie last night:

Have to knit 13" in pattern before starting the armhole and front v-neck shaping. Both sides are being worked simultaneously so the decreases for the v-neck will be exactly aligned. I'm getting so sick of looking at this project. It's been a beast from the get-go. It's not the pattern -- as aran patterns go, it's pretty simple. It's an indication of my life right now that I can't concentrate on this darn project. I desperately need a vacation from work and life in general! Fortunately, DH and I have a mini-break scheduled for the 4th of July holiday weekend. We're going to hop in the car and drive from San Diego to Tucson. Yes, Tucson in July. We like the desert *that* much. We're springing for a 4-star hotel for 2 nights, and I'm *definitely* taking advantage of the hotel's spa for a much needed massage and pedicure. Can't hardly wait!

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