Monday, June 16, 2003

Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day
Well, despite best intentions I didn't quite finish the left & right front of the SFH (Sweater From Hell), aka the Aran Cardie:

Watched two Pay-Per-View movies this weekend while working on SFH: Two Weeks Notice (Hugh Grant, Sandra Bullock -- predictable but cute romantic comedy), and Drumline (don't recognize any of the kids in this movie, but Orlando Jones, the 7UP guy, played the conflicted-but-basically-goodhearted band director of a southern college). DH had a nice Father's Day -- he played golf early that morning and shot a 76 (vg), DS gave him his acoustic guitar as a present (a rather nice Ibanez). DH eventually wants to take up the dobro -- the acoustic is a way of getting his feet wet (and not spending any additional money right now :-) That evening we barbecued hamburgers and watched Clint Eastwood in Bloodwork on DVD. Not a bad little thriller. Jeff Daniels plays a sort of retro-hippie role and there's a pretty good plot twist at the end.

Same Title, Different Book
Before there was this, there was this:

Published in 1987 by Ballantine Books, it features 20 recreations of sweaters worn by stars of yesteryear. A young Marilyn Monroe wears a sleeveless pullover, and Judy Garland sports an angora-sleeved cardie with lovely bullion-embroidered flowers. I originally paid the cover price of $11.95 in 1987; it's currently going for anywhere from $39.95 to $52.94 on Amazon (not that I plan on selling it :-)

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