Tuesday, June 10, 2003

WIP It, WIP It Good
Here's what's on the needles:

Looks like a relatively simple Aran Cardie, right? Wrong! I picked this puppy as one of my first projects after a 15-year knitting hiatus, and it's been kicking my b*tt! Wonky cable crossings, dropped stitches, misinterpreted directions, you name it -- it's happened with this project. Oh yeah, we have a *deadline* to boot! My mother's birthday -- July 5th. Can she do it? Roll that beautiful bean footage and let the audience decide:

The Back

The Sleeves, right before starting to shape the Sleeve Caps

The Sleeves, done (photo perspective is *off* -- sleeves really are the same length)
The clock is ticking -- stay tuned and see if our plucky heroine can pull this one off!

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