Thursday, June 26, 2003

Move Along Folks, Nothing to See Here
Not feeling up to snuff today ...

Progress Report: Got one side seamed (sleeve and side seam) of the SFH -- just need to seam the other side and weave in all the ends. Picked out some buttons yesterday on the way home from the doctor's office -- nice wooden ones that will look great against the oatmeal-colored yarn. I promise to get some pictures up tomorrow :-)

About to Start: The Dump Truck sweater for my 6yo nephew to wear this fall. The pattern is by EweCanKnit. There was a choice of a dump truck, a bulldozer, and a school bus. My SIL let Andrew choose which one "Auntie Amy" would make for him, and he chose the dump truck. It'll be made up in Reynolds Utopia yarn, a rather nice acrylic yarn. It's soft, and most importantly for use with grubby little boys, it's machine washable!

Will Finish Someday: One of those ridiculously endless Einstein coats for my sister. Can you say "garter stitch hell?" I'm making it out of Lopi, in a really lovely heathery burgundy that I got cheap at Smiley's. This coat is knit in sections, each new section building on the other. It's an efficient method of creation, but the downside is that you end up wrestling with this HUGE, heavy horse blanket of knitted material. So far I've completed the bottom panel, and the right front and upper back. I have the upper left, sleeves, and collar. I may have to put this monster aside until this fall. It'll just be too hot to wrestle with this beast during the summer.

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