Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Another Day, Another WIP?
Didn't feel like working on Trudie last night ... she seems to have become a break project at work. It'll be a Christmas present for Mom, so I've got time if I keep plugging away on break.

But I did feel like knitting something ... so I dug around and came up with this:

It's called Aran Go Round, and it's from Janet Szabo's Twists and Turns, The Newsletter for Lovers of Cable Knitting. Janet's site, Big Sky Knitting, has all the info for ordering this terrific quarterly publication. Bonne Marie turned me on to this publication in one of her blog entries last spring when she was on a cable knitting jag. I'm making my AGR from the seemingly endless supply of oatmeal-colored Wool-Ease leftover from the Sweater From Hell (Aran Cardie) project. The Aran Go Round is knit in the round, which I love. The pattern is based on Elizabeth Zimmerman's classic Percentage System, but Janet did all the figgerin' for us! Janet did her sample in gorgeous Black Water Abbey yarn, a traditional 2-ply Irish Wool. I have a color card from BWA, and the colors are not to be believed. Someday I'll indulge in enough of their yarn for a sweater that'll have to go in my cedar trunk 'cause it's too darn hot for wool in San Diego, even in the winter. Hmmph.

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