Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Knitted up a few more inches on Aran Go Round:

Our air conditioner died sometime yesterday afternoon. Came in the house after work and was hit by a wall of hot air. Asked RockStar when the air conditioner quit, and got the usual response of "Huh?" DH called a repair company, and a very nice repairman came out at 7:00pm and worked for about 2 hrs on the recalcitrant unit. Got it working, we cut him a check, and just as he was about to leave, he said, "Let's turn it on one more time just to be sure." And it didn't turn on. Grrrr. So he's coming back Thursday afternoon to work on it again.

RockStar and I amused ourselves last night watching 2 episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Straight Guy, hell! Come on over to this Straight Girl's house and make it (and me) over! It's such a fun show. I think the key to the formula is that they choose a straight guy who sincerely wants to make a change in his look and home. The Fab 5 are hilarious, and they are so protective of their guy! They're like 5 mother hens pushing a chick out of the nest. QE is on Bravo on Tuesday nights at 10pm -- check it out.

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