Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Got a few inches done on Trudie last night ... I'll post a picture when I get a bit more done.

Hotmail Gems
It's always a trip to see what shows up in the Junk folder of my Hotmail account. This morning's random sampler included come-ons for the following:

  • Check Out Various Good Looking Russian Brides (send this one to my brother-in-law)
  • Cause Your Venture Continuing Quick!!! (huh?)
  • bronchitis, asthma, or emphysema? wjrlqalt (thank God, no)
  • [Locate] Long Lost [People] (maybe they're lost for a reason?)
  • ,,What, Are ,They, ,,Hiding?,, (,,I,Don't,Know,,Maybe,Control,,Of,The,,,Comma, ,,Key?)

  • Anyway, you get the idea.

    New Project on the Horizon?
    I've been eyeballing this for awhile. It's called Siobhan, from Ram Wools in Canada.

    It also comes in a short version. I like the chick in this picture ... looks like one of the gloomy models in Alice Starmore's books.

    Oh, wait! There's a smile on this Starmore model. Plus, I love this sweater she's modeling. It's called Maidenhair from Alice Starmore's Virtual Yarns site. I think this'll have to go on the "to do" list, too.

    Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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