Monday, July 14, 2003

"It was a Monday, a day like any other day" Foreigner, 1979

Had a very relaxing weekend ... I think the batteries have been fully recharged. The knitting block seems to have broken, cuz I got a few inches done on Trudie:

And look what came in the mail from Awesome Ewe in Canada, and Laurie Kynaston's Vintage Knits:

Enough Canadiana yarn in a nice burgundy shade to make the cabled cardie in the picture. Yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment, another cabled cardie. And FOUR old issues of Vogue Knitting, and an old FCEK! I'm trying to rebuild my old VK library. I used to have all the issues from the 80s. I chucked them and a lot of other stuff during a major depression in the mid-90s (another story for another time).

Trudie is made up in Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in a shade called Phlox. The picture looks more purple than it really is. It's more a dusty greyish purple. The yarn itself is rather nubby and has taken some getting used to. I had some cramps in my left hand after yesterday's knitting session. The pattern for Trudie is super easy -- a 4-row repeat with staggered yarn-overs that make a nice vertical openwork ladder.

Also finished Harry Potter #5 -- excellent read. That book had to be one of biggest hardbacks I've ever seen (next to any James Michener book, of course). It was so heavy, I felt like I was bench pressing while reading it in bed.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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