Thursday, July 24, 2003

You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round
Uranium 235, 1980-something

Aran Go Round is proceeding nicely, thank you very much. The seed stitch ribbing is kinda weird -- 2 seed stitches on either side of a knit rib stitch. I've just begun the reverse stockinette stitch body -- you can't really see it in the picture. Notice that lately all my knit pix have been taken on my trusty light table. All the necessary graphic art tools are nearby: XActo knife, proportion wheel, acetate grid overlays, etc. I got into graphic design in the twilight days of paste-up -- remember rubylith, anyone?

Retro Cool
Isn't this the coolest cover?

This little beauty is from 1964, but the sweater could be knit up and worn proudly in the new millenium, thus proving the adage that the classic style is timeless. Want more like this? Go to Laurie Kynaston's Vintage Knits website and check out her offerings.

Plain and simply put, I am the laziest gal on the planet. I, however, prefer the more elegant term sybarite. If Quizilla had a quiz for "What Mammal Are You?" I'd surely be a Three-Toed Sloth. You'd think DH would be a natural inspiration to me. He goes to the gym faithfully at 5:30 am Monday through Friday. He rarely misses a day. Somehow I've managed to burrow under the covers and ignore his daily departure. But time and gravity are having their way with me and a recent check of my finances reveals that no, I can't hire Gunnar the Wonder Trainer to come to my house every morning to kick my lazy butt out of bed. So for the last 2 mornings I've dragged my sleepy carcass out of bed and onto my very expensive clothes hangar, aka the Proform Model 950 Elliptical Trainer. I bought the Clothes Hangar 950 about 8 months ago, fully intending to reclaim the svelte form of my youth. I had the same intentions when I purchased the Pilates Reformer from QVC, the Walk-Away-the-Pounds videotapes, and the ProForm Model Something-or-Other Treadmill.

So here's my routine for the last 2 mornings: throw on loose shorts & tshirt, grab a bottle of water, turn on VH1, and hop on the CH950. Choose the easiest 20-minute program on the console. Manage 10 minutes on Morning #1, and 15 minutes on Morning #2. I was quite pleasantly surprised to find that it's much easier to exercise, and I can exercise longer, in the morning rather than in the evening after work. And once I've finished, I don't have the Damocles Sword of Exercise hanging over my head all day. DH is definitely onto something with this AM workout thing.

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