Friday, July 25, 2003

Fabu Friday Fun!
No real knitting progress last night -- just a desultory sleeve cast-on for Inishmore, in Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool. So let's have some Friday Fun!

Possible Captions:
  • Geez, it's tough balancing my feminine and masculine sides!

  • The Mrs. has been complaining about how rough my feet are in bed. Maybe this'll help?

  • The Softer Side of Sears
  • Uh, honey? I found this in your nightstand? Is this something we need to talk about?

  • Everything But The Kitchen Sink
    Leisure Arts publications takes the "all things for all people" approach to crafting. If a craft topic has even a whiff of popularity, you can bet Leisure Arts will publish a leaflet on it. For some reason unfathomable to me, knitted dishclothes are all the rage and have a hardcore group of supporters. Can't figure out how to knit an 8" cotton square all by yourself? Bingo! Leisure Arts to the rescue:

    Do you get motion sickness with traditional knitting? Ditch the Dramamine! Leisure Arts has this gem for you:

    Swimming in an Oatmeal Sea
    When I ended my 15-year knitting hiatus, I needed some cheap 'n chic yarn to become reaquainted with gauge. Trusty Michael's always carries Wool-Ease (or Wool-Sleaze, as some fiber snobs call it). The Oatmeal color rarely varies from one dye lot to another, and the color is nice and, well, oat-ey. So I kinda glommed onto it for several projects:

    Sweater from Hell, aka Aran Cardie

    Andre (the human)'s Sweater and Zoe (the Dog)'s sweaters

    Aran-Go-Round Sweater

    ... and I probably have enough left for at least a child's cardie, too. I promise to Stop the Insanity after the AGR Sweater and never knit with anything less than Manos de Uraguay or Colinette. Yeah, right -- if I win the California Lottery, that is. Actually, I'm pretty democratic when it comes to yarn. If I like the way it looks and feels, I use it, even if it's not (gasp!) all natural fiber. By necessity, I have to be somewhat budget-conscious when it comes to buying yarn. After all, RockStar needs to be kept in CDs and Gibson Zinger guitar strings and I am nothing if not a self-sacrificing mother (hand on breast, eyes cast towards the heavens).

    Happy Friday, everyone.

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