Monday, July 28, 2003

Suddenly Monday appears again.
Were was the weekend? I lost it again.
Melanie C

Oh, how the weekend flew by! Saw Seabiscuit on Sunday -- terrific movie. A little long, but worth it. I read the book by Laura Hillenbrand 2 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the story of the little thoroughbred, the misfit jockey, the mysterious trainer, and the millionaire owner, all set against the tragic backdrop of the Great Depression. If you like stories about the underdog coming out on top, this is the movie for you.

Made some goodly progress on Aran Go Round this weekend:

The last "in the round" sweater I made (the Andre Sweater) was knitted up on size 8 needles and sped right along. AGR is on 7s, so I feel like it's really sloooow going. But it's nice, mindless summer knitting. It's in reverse stockinette stitch, so I'm purling each stitch. I'm a "thrower" on my knit stitches, which really slows me down. But I hold my yarn in my left hand while purling, and I can purl like the wind, baby!

Weird Beauty Tip 'O The Week
As I get older, I try to view the aging process with an air of bemused detachment. But some things are not to be borne! My mother warned me repeatedly over the years: don't over-pluck your eyebrows, they'll eventually stop growing back and you'll end up looking like Joan Collins in Dynasty. A scary thought -- remember her expression of permanent surprise? Well, as in most things, mother was right. At 41, my eyebrows have receded, and new growth is almost non-existent. I cherish each little hair and only pluck the few rogue ones that appear now and then. Mind you, I used to have really thick, nicely arched brows, ala Brooke Shields in the late '70s Calvin Klein ads. But over the years, the growth has diminished and I've been left with the basic "essence" of my formerly luxuriant brows.

So imagine my surprise reading Allure magazine (the beauty bible) and finding a little tidbit about using Rogaine to restore the hair growth of your eyebrows! The tip recommended applying the men's Rogaine formula twice a day on the eyebrows, using a Q-Tip. After an over-vigorous plucking a month or so ago, with little sign of regrowth, I decided to try it out. I ended up buying the women's Rogaine formula since it was on sale at my local Rite-Aid drugstore (Rogaine is spendy stuff!). And you know what? While I don't have any "new" growth resembling my former brows of bygone years, the regrowth from the plucking session is coming in thicker and stronger than before. Whoda thunk it?

Happy Monday, everyone.

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