Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Made about 1" of progress on Aran Go Round. I'm afraid if I took a picture, you wouldn't be able to see any difference. I'll take another picture after a few more inches, OK?

Future WIPs?
I like this pattern quite a lot ...

Nice little Fair Isle knit in-the-round ...

I mentioned awhile back that I was making one of those dreadfully boring Einstein jackets for my sis ... well, Mr.E, you may be have been one of the brainiest men on the planet, but your jacket stinks. It's boring, boring, boring. So what, pray tell, would Mr. Einstein mutate into? Why, this lovely jacket from Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Patterns for Knitting, called Fjorgyn:

A much better use for all that Lopi, wouldn't you agree? And since the unravelled Lopi will be a crimped 'n kinky mess, this sounds like a perfect excuse to purchase a swift and ball winder. The Lopi will need to be soaked and coaxed back to its former loveliness before being Fjorgyn'd.

Taking An Elliptical View of the World
Hmmm. Have managed to get up every weekday morning and climb on the Clothes Hangar 950, also known as the ProForm 950 Elliptical Trainer. Have worked up to the full 20-minute program. Haven't been sore. This is suspiciously easy. Am waiting for the either shoe to drop. Haven't weighed or measured myself or made any changes to my diet, but clothes feel a bit looser. Can it really be this easy? Will keep you posted.

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